Environmental protection means showing your true colours.
Out of a passion for nature.

At wefa environmental protection is a top priority. As early as the 1980s, we placed our focus on ecological, water-based 2 component coating systems that are thinned with tap water and essentially produced without solvents.

Today, wefa coating systems are so health and environmentally friendly that we ourselves for the most part only use water to clean mixing tanks. According to the German Hazardous Substances Regulation, some of our coatings are even exempt from special labelling. All information regarding content and composition certainly complies fully with REACH requirements.

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Responsible environmental policy

Global climate change has further strengthened our resolve to implement environmentally friendly processes. This is one of the reasons why we have had our business certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001.
We actively protect our environment by responsibly handling hazardous substances at our company. It is our goal to minimise environmental pollution, the dangers to our employees and the liability risk of the company wefa. Further environmental measures include noise and air pollution control and energy efficiency.

Innovative environmental management

We consciously included environmental management in our wefa management system. This step ensures corporate environmental protection that does not stop when legal standards are met. Innovative environmental protection, as we believe, goes beyond this and includes the influence on suppliers and customers whenever it is possible.

Focus of our environmental management system:

  • Compliance with all environmental laws within their scope; avoidance of emissions and waste in order to preserve the environment and resources;
  • Analysis of the impact of products, processes, work methods and new fields of activities on humans and the environment and;
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the impacts of our services and activities on humans and the environment;
  • Definition and implementation of measures which reduce environmental pollution;
  • Commitment to continuous improvements.

Quality Management Officer

We appointed our Quality Management Officer to supervise the implementation, continued development and safeguarding of environmental policy at wefa. He is the contact person for our management and staff as well as for external inquiries concerning environmental protection and environmental management.