Laboratory & Development

Creating the colours of the future.
With experience and imagination.

Quality lies in the detail. This is why we take such a close look at things at wefa; in the testing laboratory, in Research & Development, in production as well as in quality assurance. We work tirelessly to develop new solutions, improvements and innovative coating systems; sometimes in operative partnerships with renowned raw material suppliers and always in dialogue with our customers.

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Passionate problem solvers

The challenges for our teams in Laboratory & Development are varied and exciting. Complex tests, meticulous analyses and practical examinations are part of our day-to-day business. All of this not only requires profound knowledge of chemistry and material science, but above all a great deal of experience and a high level of precision and often creativity when it comes to reproducing “exotic” practical situations or constructing unusual testing installations in order to meet customers wishes.

Product development with know-how

Coating formulas are made up of numerous raw materials. Depending on their concentration and combination with other components they shape the character and features of the final product. Our coating experts have profound knowledge and the right feeling for this; which are both essential to achieve the desired product characteristics.

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Symbiosis of technology and brain

High-performance measuring devices and software help us in the preparation and analysis of all important data from purchasing, testing, formulation, production, quality control, storage, sales and logistics. What really counts at the end of the day is the care and the experience of humans, of our staff.