wefa – coating systems for generations.
Quality is the most important part for us.

wefa customers have high expectations. We gladly meet them by providing high-quality products and safe processes ensured by intensive communication, transparent processes, systematic checks, strict testing criteria and continuous optimisations.
Quality is our method. You can rely on wefa!

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Efficient teamwork, proven organisation

Each department at wefa from research & development, production, sales, Logistics to administration always cooperate closely. Every single working process is transparent at all times – from customer service and individual requirements, to the delivery of our products.
Our internal organisation adheres to the proven “5S” method (sort, systemise, clean, standardise, self-discipline). Order and the sense of responsibility are required for safe and trouble-free work processes – the basis of quality work. Thus, redundant work will be avoided and potential sources of error detected and eliminated.
With this in mind, we consult our customers at their site and support them in order to achieve optimal results.

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Inspection is good, optimisation even better

At wefa complete monitoring is the soul of our production, the guarantor of 100 % quality. No process change happens without inspection and documentation. Thus, errors and deviations are always corrected immediately. No product leaves our plant without inspection and release, which guarantees you and us the desired quality.

At wefa we prioritise high-quality coating systems; consequently optimisation in all areas of production is an ongoing process from product development to just-in-time delivery. This is the only way to maintain top performance because the requirements are increasing constantly, and we intend to meet or even exceed them in the future as well.

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External inspections, customised success

Since the 1980s, wefa has been offering products homologated by the most important railway operators in Europe. Our coatings must meet all the requirements of clearly defined specifications, e.g. with regard to corrosion protection, colour and gloss retention, chemical resistance, graffiti protection and mechanical resistance.
In 2015, as the world’s first manufacturer of industrial liquid coating systems, Westdeutsche Farben GmbH received approval from the Quality Association for Industrial Coatings (QIB) and the QualitySteelCoat licence which is the international seal of approval for quality-assured coatings. The QualitySteelCoat specification defines requirements for corrosion protection, weather resistance, mechanical properties and the visual appearance of the coating.
Our coatings also meet the requirements of the applicable standards in other branches of industry. To us the passing of such tests is a minimum requirement because we define our goals much higher. For this reason alone, we always register new products for qualification or renew existing approvals on a regular basis.


Committed to environmentally friendly quality

Adherence to international safety and quality standards characterises our objective of providing the best possible services and products for our customers.


In 1999 Westdeutsche Farben GmbH was certified for the first time in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 for quality management systems. We have passed all subsequent tests with great success.


DIN EN ISO 14001

In 2016 wefa was certified according to DIN EN ISO 14001. This clearly shows that not only our water-based coating systems are more environmentally friendly than conventional solvent-based coating materials. As described in our environmental policy, we rely on environmentally friendly components in production whenever possible and work on further options to save raw materials, water and energy.

Customer audits

Demanding companies, international standards

wefa is regularly audited by customers and suppliers, such as some of our major customers like Deutsche Bahn AG, Bombardier or Siemens. wefa passed all these tests without exception with great success.

Our customers include about 500 medium-sized and internationally active companies from the railway industry, mechanical and apparatus engineering, the furniture industry, defence and military technology, and many other sectors. We supply them with a wide range of quality coatings of different specifications, thus meeting international standards and norms as well as the highest customer requirements in terms of work organisation and traceability.