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Application technology

Water-based coatings are a high-tech product. They consist of several chemical components that react to each other as well as to external parameters. Even the slightest modifications, deviations or changes of specific site conditions can influence the surface result. Knowing all the substances and how to achieve or avoid certain results requires top performance. This is daily business for our application experts!

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Support for the application of a new wefa coating system

Primer, thick layer and monolayer, filler, basecoat, topcoat, clearcoat, textured coat, effect coat – wefa offers a wide range of water-based coatings. Each coating system features different properties and acts differently within the whole system. Consequently, it is understandable that they aren’t applied according to the same criteria. Errors can happen easily. Do you require support for the use of a wefa product to avoid that? Your staff isn’t experienced using our coating systems? No need for concern. Our application experts are happy to support you. They will explain in an easy and understandable manner what needs to be considered. They will put it in a nutshell. They will be present during your first application and intervene when necessary.
Thus, you will avoid unwanted complications and achieve the immaculate result you are used to.

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Support to analyse and eliminate process errors

The handling of 2-component water-based coating systems requires precision and care in both the preparation and the implementation process. Everything must be exactly right in order to achieve the perfect result: the ambient and material temperatures, the ventilation, the surface preparation, the preparation of the coating, the application method, etc. Errors might occur that can’t be eliminated right away, as the cause might be unknown or non-specific. Whenever you need support, our application experts will actively assist you at your site. Together with your staff they will analyse your coating process. They will observe every single step of the production process and will take a close look at the results. In certain cases they will have the coating examined based on various parameters in our laboratory. Due to their profound expertise and vast experience they are almost always able to find the cause of the error and solve the problem. As a next step, they will record their observations and results in an official report. They will instruct your staff and develop individual work instructions for the future in order to make sure that your surface further meets all your quality criteria.

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Professional training on water-based coating systems

Numerous businesses in several industrial sectors change from conventional, solvent-based paints to more environmentally friendly water-based coating systems. This change requires certain basic knowledge about water-based coating systems: How are they produced? What needs to be considered for the work preparation? What are the essential differences concerning application and drying? What are the typical mistakes? How can they be fixed or avoided?

Our application service engineers offer training in German or English upon request. If needed, an interpreter will assist in a further language. A theoretical part on the principles of the production of water-based coatings and its properties will be followed by a practical part in your paint shop. During this, the participants get the chance to apply theoretical knowledge in a practical manner without taking any risks. Your staff will expand their expertise and will be motivated. These are two important requirements for a flawless result.