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Mechanical & apparatus engineering:
Mechanical und chemical resistance

wefa branchen maschinen apparate 01
wefa branchen maschinen apparate 01
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wefa branchen maschinen apparate 02

As the customer’s extended workbench, our experts immerse themselves into the processes in order to understand every step. Depending on the circumstances on site and the requirements of our customers, our products wefaPox, wefacryl or wefaDur will be used. We focus on your individual needs and combine our coating systems accordingly.

Are you using a new coating? Are you facing application problems? Or do you require training for your staff? Our application engineers are experts. They will support you with their expertise, answer your questions and offer you customized solutions in cooperation with our sales managers. You can learn more about our application services here.

We support the processes, too. Because our hardeners and our basic components are perfectly compatible, our water-based coatings are easy to prepare.

They ensure uncomplicated preparation, a quick drying time and the same great results at all times. To increase productivity they can also be processed in a 2-component machine.

As machines and industrial plants usually feature the corporate colours, they are fixed components of the Corporate Design. For customers and potential clients they are important elements of recognition. For this reason it is vital to keep the elements of recognition in a good condition. Moreover, they should leave a great first impression for many years to come. wefa coating systems ensure this because they are resilient to UV radiation, weathering and other external mechanical influences.

The extended workbench of our customers

We support our industrial customers with individual modifications to optimise their production processes. The earlier our customer advisers are actively involved in project planning, the more successful this is. This enables us to make the right adjustments in due time and contribute to increased production efficiency.
Ask us and we will be happy to support you.

Important features of our 2K-coating systems for mechanical and apparatus engineering are corrosion protection (C3-C5), UV resistance, process safety, easy handling, 2K-machines, UV protection, productivity, QIB approval and the QualitySteelCoat licence.