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Passenger trains and locomotives must always look immaculate, inside and outside. They must fulfill important functions, not only when it becomes dangerous. With wefa coating systems you will always be on the safe side. For more than 30 years wefa has been the certified partner of Deutsche Bahn, the German railway company, as well as the reliable supplier to the European railway industry (exterior and interior). Apart from the approval of Deutsche Bahn, our coating systems are approved by ÖBB, SBB and SNCF among others.

Our primers will not leave you out in the rain. Whether water-based or containing solvents, our coatings protect surfaces against corrosion. Moreover, they can be combined with all other wefa coating systems.

Our various coatings, based on epoxy resin or polyurethane, had to undergo demanding lab and practice tests and successfully achieved approval. Thus, it is ensured that the colour and the gloss remain stable, no matter if the train travels through southern Europe or Scandinavia.


Nowadays, operators insist on effective graffiti protection. In our portfolio, wefa offers two products with special features:

In the refurbishment segment, our permanent conserver wefaPolyseal 2K farblos freshens up paled colours and worn-out glosses. As a result, the vehicles look as if they have just been repainted. Moreover, it efficiently protects against aggressive chemicals and cleaning agents.
The use of wefaPolyseal even allows saving one complete repainting during the lifecycle of a railway vehicle. Learn more about the advantages of wefaPolyseal

wefaPermatec 1K Clearcoat is not a common, conventional clearcoat. Compared to competing products from the car industry in comparison tests carried out in laboratories, our product partly achieved far better results. For example, it reliably protects coated surfaces against aggressive chemicals even after more than 4 hours of exposure time and10 repeated graffiti removals. Learn more

You need a tested fire protection system? No problem. We offer flame-retardant coating systems (incl. 1 mm putty), which were tested according to DIN EN 45545-2.

All our coating systems were developed in order to simplify and secure the coating processes of our customers. For this reason, our coatings can easily be combined without any problems. Furthermore, our base components and the corresponding hardeners are precisely matched in terms of composition and amount. Thus, mixing errors along with their negative consequences are almost impossible. Should you require any support, our application engineers are happy to assist you in finding the right solution. Learn more about our application services.


Important features of our 2K coating systems for the railway industry are the homologations (DB, ÖBB, SBB, SNCF), colour and gloss stability, graffiti protection, fire protection, UV protection, process reliability, easy handling and quick drying.